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Calvin Klein Eternity Summer for Men 2008

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer for Men 2008
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In 1988, by Calvin Klein was created the scent Eternity, which later expanded and updated with new range of flavors and has become a real perfume series. Since then to the beginning of spring-summer season Calvin Klein perfumers create new fragrances in this series. So it was with Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2008, which enlarged the perfume portfolio of Calvin Klein with men's and women's versions.

Eternity Summer for Men 2008 by Calvin Klein - is a limited edition of excellent flavor, which is represented both in the men's and women's version. Calvin Klein creates its masterpieces for elegant and stylish men who value their time and are able to charm with their attractive and alluring look. With this wonderful aroma you will not be left without attention, the people around will give you compliments. Eternity Summer for Men 2008 by Calvin Klein is designed for the modern, luxurious man who is confident in himself and his future.

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2008 for Men is masculine, but mild fruity fern aroma in which blended notes of citrus, patchouli, amber and mimosa, lavender and cardamom. Eternity Summer 2008 - is a sensual woody fragrance. Eternity Summer is opened with bright and sunny notes of mimosa, which gently care for calm lavender in the "heart", giving to scent a special sophistication and sweetness of green notes. In the trail enchant magical spicy notes of cardamom and patchouli.

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Calvin Klein Eternity Summer for Men 2008
Feel: Light, Fresh, Intriguing
Scent: Green, Sweet, Fresh, Citrus, Aromatic
Use: Day time
Perfume: Calvin Klein
Gender: FOR MEN
Country: USA
Launched: 2008


Base notes: Amber, Patchouli, Guaiac Wood, Cardamom
Heart notes: Green Grass, Lavender, Green Notes
Top notes: Mimose, Kumquat, Citruses
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