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Clinique Happy Heart

Clinique Happy HeartClinique Happy Heart
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eau de parfum
100 ml

Clinique Happy Heart is a fragrant accessory for stylish women, released in released in 2003. Since this perfume managed to win the love of millions of women who use it to win the hearts and peace. Fragrant aura begins to play and sparkle spicy-sweet warm notes that suddenly turn into flower heart. At the base of the perfume is powerful and sonorous sound wood chords, speaking thus of fortitude and perseverance character of modern women. Perfume bouquet of Clinique Happy Heart fragrance conveys the mood of lightness and carefree because fragrance is ideal for monotony of everyday life, which will be much more interesting and brighter light perfume halo. Perfume shimmers and sparkles notes sun and summer. It sets the mood and positive attitude that accompanies a girl or woman everywhere. Piquancy and gentle playfulness, sexuality and passion are reflected in a fragrant aura of Clinique Happy Heart. Perfume knows no age limits or status, it is suitable for evening and for daytime use, and becomes that accessory that will decorate as a young girl and a mature lady. Light tippets aroma fall on the shoulders, caressing and enveloping its zesty freshness. The winner of the flavor should be consistently courageous and bold, active and even extravagant, to match the sparkle and tenderness score. Each note perfume represents a happy love. Happy heart, how to translate the name suggests the idea of romance, happiness and joy. About the passion and sensuality that arises between the two lovers. Because flavor becomes indispensable, though inconspicuous exterior accessories .Clinique Happy Heart is enclosed in a stylish bottle, displaying the essence of fragrant notes. Because simple and elegant matte cylinder vessel crowned cap cherry golden color that complements the shape of the bottle. Name of the fragrance and perfume brand applied on glass, with a similar minimalist design reflects the depth and complexity of the music track that requires attention.

Category: Women`s perfume

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Clinique Happy Heart
Clinique Happy Heart
Scent: Green, Wood
Perfume: Clinique
Launched: 2003


Top notes: Mandarin Orange, Cassia, Cucumber
Heart notes: Carrot, Water Hyacinth
Base notes: Sandalwood, White Woods
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