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Davidoff Silver Shadow

Davidoff Silver ShadowDavidoff Silver ShadowDavidoff Silver Shadow
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Davidoff Silver Shadow was created in 2005 by Francis Kirkdzhanom and was intended for men who have achieved something in life and trying to find something more for themselves, for young people over 35 years old, able to live life to the fullest and strive for more . The man in this age already has and courage, and life experiences of movement through life, goals, a reflection of his wonderful personality.
Everything in this fragrance Davidoff Silver Shadow is fine and surprising notes of bitter orange, with its harmony and the solubility in the loop aroma of amber , not quite up to the usual bottle of Thierry de Bashmakoffa . Matched - with surprising finesse , emphatically - natural luxury , like everything about the product , produced a successful businessman of our time, the founder of the world famous brand Davidoff . Its principle of operation of all units of production talked about desire qualitatively do our part to make a masterpiece , the best thing possible for now . And the same principle is present in the creation of fragrance fragrance Davidoff Silver Shadow. All the products of this brand is the exclusive production , the same shows , and this perfume for men.
Courageous and noble so appears to us that the owner of flavor. This man has no purpose and is committed to him, he tasted the flavor of life , knows the price of victory, recognizes and feels his way. He’s ready to go their own way and only . And in this he sees and their dignity , and their purpose : to show the world the best of everything , that is, show more certainly open up with the best hand . And this young man helps the fragrance Davidoff Silver Shadow, which helps everyone make a choice and gives the opportunity to live in harmony with the world and with each other. It’s a warm scent that can enhance masculinity and individuality in almost every man sharpens the wonderful feelings in man, constantly support them and reminds himself .

Category: Men`s perfume

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Davidoff Silver Shadow
Davidoff Silver ShadowDavidoff Silver Shadow
Gender: FOR MEN
Perfume: Davidoff
Scent: Woody, Warm spicy, Amber
Launched: 2005


Base notes: oak moss, Amber, Benzoin, Cinnamon
Top notes: Virginia Cedar, Coriander, Bitter Orange
Heart notes: Patchouli, Saffron, Clove
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