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Ferrari Black

Ferrari BlackFerrari BlackFerrari Black
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What is the greatest passion of men ranging from early childhood to old age, what most of them beckons and fascinates even more than the attraction to women? - Well, of course, cars, expensive fast machines. Ferrari brand is one of the successful participants of Formula 1, it is famous for the most beautiful and swift racing cars that are not inferior to opponents by anything. In this regard, Ferrari brand released an aroma, Ferrari Black, which is fraught with passion and power. The aroma for men Ferrari exudes unbridled power, nobility of soul and tremendous faith in the victory. The man, who chose this expensive flavor, deserves great love, mad passion and true devotion. Ferrari Black is endowed with magic that consumes completely.

The fragrance was released in 1999, it was  dedicated to men who do not concede anything. Cool lime, bergamot imparting to flavor certain charm and liquid red apple gently flow into delicate jasmine, hidden sensuality to aroma gives the English rose, cinnamon stirs the imagination, all this completes warm vanilla, sensual amber, velvet and tender white cedar and noble musk. Courage and strength lies in this black matte bottle with clean lines. Ferrari Black will come to the finish line first.

Category: Men`s perfume

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Ferrari Black
Ferrari BlackFerrari Black
Scent: Citrus, Fruity, Sweet, Warm spicy
Style: Casual, Sport
Gender: FOR MEN
Perfume: Ferrari
Feel: Confident, Manly
Use: Sport
Country: Italy
Launched: 1999


Base notes: Amber, Vanilla, Musk, Cedar
Heart notes: Cinnamon, Jasmine, Rose, Cardamom
Top notes: Lime, Plum, Bergamot, Red Apple
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