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Ferrari Black Shine

Ferrari Black ShineFerrari Black ShineFerrari Black ShineFerrari Black Shine
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This is a dream to drive fans. Car brand Ferrari released aroma Black Shine, impulsive, strong and of course courageous. Black Shine was released in 2011. Perfumer of this fragrance became Bernard Ellena. Imagine that you race through the night city on an expensive car, and you can not imagine your life without bright exciting emotions. You are a fan of real adventures. Black Shine was addressed to men who love speed and extreme sports. The aroma has turned out surprisingly bright and spectacular.

Ferrari Black Shine is endowed with strong and bright character, from the very first notes you can recognize the dignity and harmony in flavor. First notes open tender lavender, refreshing lemon wave interweaving with red orange. Then the heart note takes primacy: a trio of thyme, juicy green apple and watermelon. Finally, appears final note of musk, precious cedar from Virginia, velvety amber, sweetish vanilla and expensive smell of leather. Black Shine will be true treasure for the real man, and believe me, fair sex will appreciate your choice. Ferrari Black Shine is the bright emotion of your life.

Category: Men`s perfume

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Ferrari Black Shine
Ferrari Black ShineFerrari Black ShineFerrari Black Shine
Feel: Emotional, Manly, Confident
Scent: Citrus, Fruity, Sweet, Aromatic, Aquatic
Gender: FOR MEN
Perfume: Ferrari
Style: Sport, Casual
Country: Italy
Launched: 2011


Base notes: Musk, Virginia Cedar, Amber, Vanille, Leather
Heart notes: Thyme, Granny Smith apple, Watermelon
Top notes: Lavender, Amalfi Lemon, Blood Orange
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