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Giorgio Armani Si

Giorgio Armani SiGiorgio Armani Si
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Fresh novelty September 2013 - Si from Giorgio Armani. In translation the name of the perfume sounds " Oh yeah! " - Is the magic word that a man wants to hear from a woman. But in the context of the Armani does it mean something else.

The famous maestro dedicated this composition image of a charming, confident modern woman. «Si» she says in the first place to his feelings, that chose her heart.
This is the "yes" of love , dreams, new life, peace, freedom, peace, seduction, passion, and even madness. This is a complete and unconditional acceptance of herself.
But not a frivolous coquette. This is a mature woman (the most actress in his forties ), a charismatic , successful, intelligent enough to appreciate themselves and proud of their uniqueness.

Melody contrasts.
Si Giorgio Armani fragrance East wood, bright, rich, elegant. Falls gently on the skin, blending with its natural flavor.
Chypre fragrances like myself D. Armani, but this does not look like a classic chypre. He plays on contrasts: fresh, but with a sweet start, feminine but with a masculine woody undertones. Conciseness of the pyramid does not interfere with the flavor to be expressive . Each of his face slowly opens, sensuality and charm seamlessly flowing into another.
The usual sweetness of mandarin and bergamot nobility decorated in this bouquet slightly intoxicating aroma of black currant liqueur.
Femininity gives a classic floral trio of rose, neroli and jasmine. It is balanced masculine woody notes and smoothly turns into powder, vanilla veil, with a hint of patchouli and amber.

Aroma 10 million.
It was the sum poured perfume advertising campaign. But Armani is not used to save. The presentation began in the summer in Milan. There also have been made ??stylish photos with famous actress.
Work on the flavor was charged Christine Nagel of the perfume house Mane. Vial decided to run in a minimalist style, but it looks elegant.
Get Persistent flavor, but it did not specify a strict time frame. It is appropriate everywhere and always.
We hope that it will be enjoyed by young people is not worth it, since Si is initially aimed at a more mature audience, but thanks to modern ingredients perfectly in tune with its time.

Si from Giorgio Armani - this is not just a fragrance, it’s an emotional journey, and another page of modern femininity.

Category: Women`s perfume

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Giorgio Armani Si
Giorgio Armani Si
Perfume: Giorgio Armani
Launched: 2013


Base notes: Woody Notes, Patchouli, Vanilla, Ambroxan
Heart notes: May Rose, Freesia
Top notes: Cassis
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